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*14. November, 2009

WindDrover Against All Odds *Buddy* – male / plain face, Germany  – Fun Agility / unilateral hearing / no information on bite
WindDrover A Mind Of Her Own *Joules* – female / eye spot, Germany – Obedience / bilateral hearing / no information on bite
WindDrover At Long Last *Otto* – male / plain face, Germany / unilateral hearing / no information on bite
WindDrover Ain’t She Sweet *Skippy* – female / plain face, Germany – BH, competitive Dog Frisbee, Obedience / bilateral hearing, full & correct bite
WindDrover Absolutely Gigolo *Riley* – male / plain face, Germany / unilateral hearing, 1 p4 bottom jaw missing
WindDrover Anything But Average *Racka* – male / plain face, Germany / bilateral hearing 
WindDrover A Touch Of Class *Toontje* – male / plain face, The Netherlands – Fun Dog Frisbee / unilateral  hearing / p4 bottom jaw missing

Our As are out of a mating of:

Austmans My Shadow *Muffin*
(Cidabro Lucky Diamantina of Austmans x Garregddu by Jingo’s by Austmans)

Hight: 47cm (18.5 inches) / Prcd2-PRA Pattern Normal / HD-A2 (excellent) / ED-0 (free)/ bilateral hearing / full & correct bite / Cerf clear 06.08.09


Youth Ch. Tom of the Seven Hills Country *Tom*
(Multi Ch. Turrella Blue Montana x Ch. DeeDee of the Seven Hills Country)

Hight: 46cm (18.1 inches) / Prcd2-PRA Pattern normal / HD-A (excellent) / ED-0 (free) / bilateral hearing / full & correct bite / Cerf clear 20.08.09