In Memoriam – gone but never forgotten

Ch. Windwarrior’s Blue Dragon (Pavesi Blue Justin x Windwarrior’s A Flaming Blue Star)
Windwarrior’s Blizzard The Blue Finn (Pavesi Blue Jondolyn x Cranefield Mostly Minx)
18.3“ (46.5 cm), HD-B, ED-normal, MDR1 +/+, correct bite, missing 3 teeth in the bottom jaw. Neutered in 2008.

Quinn – was the 3rd of our family members to leave us. She joined us back in 2006 and finally moved in with my sister in 2008 after she decided the youngsters in the pack were too much work in her elder days. She was my nephew’s best friend and confident and my sister’s constant companion. Quinn was much loved and cherished!

Cidabro Lucky Diamantina of Austmans (Ch. Windwarrior’s Flying Force x Ch. Bluebird des Poenjaap)
Garregddu by Jingo’s by Austmans (Pavesi Real McCoy of Austmans x Garregddu Aprodite)
18.5“ (47 cm), HD-A2, ED-normal, Prcd2-PRA- normal, eyes clear, spine clear at 5 yrs. Neutered 2012

Muffin – our foundation bitch, the heart of our kennel. The most gentle soul ever, good with everybody, be it humans, dogs, cats, rabbits.. Even if she wasn’t the most active Cattle Dog there is, she passed on great athleticism and many of her offspring shine in their chosen sport. She had to leave us way to early and there isn’t a night I don’t miss her sleeping on my pillow beside me.

Windwarrior’s Blue Highlander (Ch. Windwarrior’s Blue Dragon x Pavesi Miss Aussie)
Pavesi Blue Wind (Pavesi Blue Jenderra x Pavesi Blue Jamaine)
19.5“ (49.5 cm), HD-B1, ED-normal, Prcd2.PRA-normal, MDR1 +/+, eyes clear, full bite but missing both p4 in the bottom jaw. Neutered in spring 2009 because of DISH grade 3.

Linus – was the reason we got hooked to to the breed and why we breathe Cattle Dogs! He was our first in more than one way. The first to join our pack, the first to leave us for good. I never regretted flying to Finland to get him, he was all I was hoping for. The only regret I have is, that in the end, we couldn’t breed him. Never forgotten he will always be a part of us.

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