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BORN 07. JULY – The pitter-patter of little feet – GOOD VIBRATIONS / G – by WindDrover  – The pitter-patter of little feet – BORN 07. JULY

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WindDrover Good Vibrations *Karla* – female / half mask left side / Germany / passed German BH at 15 mts old, competes on A1 level in Agility / HD/ED – cleared for sport, no official rating, bilateral hearing at 80 dB // Agility 1 & 2
WindDrover Genie In A Bottle *Maisie* – female / half mask right side / Germany / HD-A1 (excellent), ED-normal, Prcd-PRA N/PRCD, rcd4-PRA N/N, PLL N/N, DM (EXON2) N/N, NCL (CL5-gen) N/N, NCL adult onset N/N, Cystirunia N/N, full & correct bite, bilateral hearing at 80 dB
WindDrover Gossip N Scandal *Kono* – female / pirate mask right side, ear patch left side / Germany / HD-B1 (good), ED-normal, Prcd-PRA N/N, rcd4-PRA N/N, PLL N/N, DM (EXON2) N/N, NCL (CL5-gen) N/N, NCL adult onset N/N, Cystirunia N/N, melanistic mask E/E clear, full & correct bite, bilateral hearing at 80 dB // mantrailing
WindDrover G’Day Mate *Skadi* – female / big half mask left side, small spot under right ear / Germany / bilateral hearing at 80 dB
WindDrover Gobsmacked *Yuma* – male / double mask, tail spot / Germany / bilateral hearing at 80 dB / full & correct bite
WindDrover Girl On Fire Mickey* – female / big half mask right side, tiny ear patch / Belgium/ passed social test at 9 mts old / bilateral hearing at 80 dB / full & correct bite // agility

Erin’s second birth and just as easy as the last one!! 6 pups were born in 4.5 hrs… easy easy easy… and again I HAD to sit in the whelping box during the whole birth. Just love my girl!
Pups were born as listed above. It’s highly unfamiliar to see all those markings in the whelping box.

Erin’s zweite Geburt und genauso schnell und unkompliziert wie die erste!! 6 Welpen in 4.5 Stunden, einfach nur super. Und wieder musste ich während der ganzen Geburt in der Wurfkiste sitzen. Ich liebe mein Mädel einfach nur!
Die Welpen wurde in der Reihenfolge wie oben gelistet geboren.
Es ist so ungewohnt, all diese Masken in der Wurfkiste zu sehen.

Our Gs are out of a mating of:

Austmans Everybody’s Talkin‘ *Erin*
(Ch. Austmans Ozymandias x WindDrover Bullet Proof)

Hight: 47cm (18.5 inches) / Prcd2-PRA Pattern Carrier / HD-A2 (excellent) / ED-0 (free) / PLL n/n normal / rcd4-normal / DISH/Spondylosis free 09/2017/ bilateral hearing / full & correct bite / Cerf clear 04/2018 / Mantrailing, Competitive Dog Frisbee


Austmans Game Of Soldiers *Sharpe* (UK)
(Austmans Time To Party  x Ch. Austmans Spirit Of The Wild)

Hight: 49.5 cm (19.5 inches) / Prcd2-PRA Pattern normal / HD-B2 (fair) / ED-normal / PLL n/n normal / rcd4-normal / bilateral hearing / full & correct bite / eyes clear 04/2018, BOB open show Newark, GB in 2018



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