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Just In Time For Christmas

The pitter patter of little paws — 23.12.2021 —  Our 6 (433) WindDrover J – puppies arrived


Just in time for Christmas… The name says it all. Erin gave birth to 6 healthy, lively puppies. We can’t wait to see how those babies develop and we just HAD to name those pups after Santa’s reindeers….
Meet Prancer, Dancer, Blitzen, Rudolph, Vixen and Comet.

Just in time for Christmas — grade rechtzeitig zu Weihnachten. Der Name ist Programm. Erin schenkte 6 gesunden, lebhaften Welpen das Leben. Wir können nicht abwarten, die Entwicklung dieser Welpen zu beobachten, und natürlich HATTEN wir die Kleinen nach den Rentieren des Weihnachtsmanns zu benennen…























WindDrover Justice N Mercy *Prancer* — female, double head patches
WindDrover Judge N Jury *Dancer* — female, plain face
WindDrover Jackdaws N Dynamite *Blitzen* — male, plain face
WindDrover Jester N Knight *Rudolph* — male, eye patch right side, yes, he is our littlest pup but boy doesn’t he know it <3
WindDrover Jeans N Cowboyboots *Vixen*– female, plain face, body spot and tail spot
WindDrover Joker N Thief *Comet* — male, eye patch left side

















Extended pedigree 

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