7. Juli 2017

WindDrover Forever And A Day „Fallon“


Meredith 6 wks old

Austmans Time To Party X Austmans Everybody’s Talkin‘

Our third generation – boy do I have hopes for this little power house.. More to come as she grows up.

Fallon is – obviously – my pick of the litter. I just love her structure and her bone and her temperament is perfect so far. She is a bit of a thinker at times and doesn’t act on a whim but sits and observes. But when she decides it’s a go there is nothing stopping her and she CAN move!

VDH 17/180 XXXX

DOB: 05.05.2017

hight: growing

HD: to young

ED: to young

Prcd2-PRA Pattern: will be done later, either Normal or Carrier

rcd4:should be N/N (normal) as both her parents test normal but will be done later

PLL: should be N/N (normal) as both her parents test normal but will be done later

bilateral hearing

correct puppy bite

CERF: will be done later

DISH / spondylosis: will be x-rayed for the first time around 2 yrs of age

DNA: will be done later


Fallon ist unsere 3. Generation hier und ich habe grosse Hoffnungen für unser kleines Powerpaket. Mehr über sie, wenn sie grösser wird.

Fallon ist – offensichtlich- mein Favorit aus ihrem Wurf. Ich bin sehr angetan von ihrer Strukur und Knochenstärke und ihr Temperament ist bis jetzt super. Sie ist eine kleine Denkerin und reagiert oft nicht aus dem Bauch heraus sondern sitzt und beobachtet. Aber wenn sie enscheidet loszulegen, kann nichts sie stoppen.. Und sie KANN sich bewegen! 


Forever And A Day
Time To Party
HD-B1 (UK-3:3)
PLL normal
full & correct bite
eye patcht
Ch. Briamoor
Vagabond of Austmans
HD-6:6, ED-normal
-1xp2 bottom
half mask
Turrella Golden Dragon
head spot
Turrella Lord O The Ring
Turrella Scarlet Dragon
Ch. Briarmoor’s
Quicky At Noon
plain face
Bendigo Full Throttle
Briarmoor’s Perfect Kiss
WindDrover Crash The Party at Austmans
HD-6:7, ED-normal
full & correct bite
double eye patches
Turrella Red Draco
HD-B1, ED-normal
full & correct bite
plain face
Turrella Red Dragon HD-5
Turrella Red Annieoakley
Frosted Fame Blue Tattoo OBM
HD-B1, ED-normal
full bite, plain face
Tom of the Seven Hills Country
Turrella Rose Tattoo HD-A
Everybody’s Talkin‘
PLL normal
spine free 10/2016
full & correct bite
plain face
Ch. Austmans Ozymandias
HD-5:7, ED-normal
full & correct bite
half mask
Ch. Austmans
Blue Picasso
full & correct bite
double mask
Banlan Bedevilled for Austmans HD-2:2
Austmans Real Diamond
Ch. Austmans
Chases Dreams
HD:6:4, ED-normal
full bite, plain face
Austmans Sidney Spirit
Windwarrior’s Indian Silver of Austmans
Bullet Proof
HD-B2, ED-normal
PLL normal
spine free 05/2016
half mask
Turrella Blue Comanche
HD-A1, ED-normal
full & correct bite
eye patch
Turrella Blue Chiefscout HD-5
Turrella Blue Cheeky HD-0:5, ED-normal
Austmans My Shadow
HD-A2, ED-normal
spine free at 5.5 yrs
full & correct bite
Cidabro Lucky Diamantina of Aust.
Garregddu by Jingo’s by Austmans
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Extended pedigree (click here)

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