26. September 2018

WindDrover Gossip N Scandal „Kono“


Austmans Game Of SoldiersAustmans Everybody’s Talkin‘

The next generation. Erin x Sharpe, one of Kimberly’s (Austmans Kennels) boys who is a great-grandson of mine.

Kono turned into almost everything I hope for in one of my dogs (yeah, her front could be a tad better still 😉 )
Other than that, she is a typical WindDrover:  Lovable, happy, clever, great will to please and great sense of balance.
I can’t wait to take the next step of our mutual adventures… 


VDH 18/180

DOB: 07.07.2018

hight: 48cm / 18.9“ inches

HD-B1 (good)

ED-0 (normal)

prcd-PRA N/N normal 

rcd4-PRA N/N normal

PLL N/N normal

DM (Exon 2) N/N normal

NCL (CL5-Gen) N/N normal

NCL adult onset N/N normal

Melanistic mask / Schwarzmaskengen E / E clear

bilateral hearing

full scissors bite

CERF (eyes) clear 08/2020


breeding permission ACDCD / VDH / FCI 20.10.2020

Kono right now learns basic stuff and other than that got all the time to grow and prosper. We will do everything for her to have a great childhood.


Die nächste Generation. 

Erin x Sharpe, einer von Kimberly’s (Austmans Kennels) Rüden, einem Urenkel von mir.

Kono hat  sich zu fast allem entwickelt, was ich in einem meiner Hunde erhoffe.
Abgesehen davon ist sie ein typischer WindDrover: Liebenswert, glücklich, schlau, grosser „will to please“ und mit gutem Körpergefühl.
Ich kann es kaum abwarten, die nächsten Schritte in unserem gemeinsamen Abenteuer zu beginnen…


Gossip N Scandal
DM (Exxon2)-N/ N
NCL (CL5-gen)-N/N
NCL adult onset-N/N
full & correct bite
melanistic mask E/E
Game Of Soldiers
HD-B2 / 6:7
full & correct bite
Austmans Time To Party
HD-B1 / 3:3, ED-normal
full & correct bite
Ch. Briarmoor
Vagabond Of Austmans
Turrella Golden Dragon
Ch. Briarmoor’s Quicky At Noon
WindDrover Crash The Party At Austmans Turrella Red Draco
Frosted Fame Blue Tattoo OBM
Ch. Austmans
Spirit Of The Wild
HD-8:8, ED-normal
full & correct bite
Austmans Real Rebel Pavesi Real McCoy of Austmans
Cucrodh Sunny Side Up
Valley Of The Wind
A Fool For You
Ch.Austmans Real Riot
Landmaster Look Like Angel
Everybody’s Talkin‘
Prcd-PRA carrier
spine free at 3.5 yrs
full & correct bite
Ch. Austmans Ozymandias
HD-5:7, ED-normal
full & correct bite
Ch. Austmans
Blue Picasso
Banlan Bedevilled for Austmans
Austmans Real Diamond
Ch. Austmans
Chases Dreams
Austmans Sidney Spirit
Windwarrior’s Indian Silver
WindDrover Bullet Proof
HD-B2, ED-normal
spine free at 6 yrs
full & correct bite
Blue Comanche
Ch. Turrella Blue Chiefscout
Turrella Blue Cheeky
Austmans My Shadow Cidabro Lucky Diamantina
Garregddu by Jingo’s by Austmans
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